Do 8 Year Old Kids Need A Helmet For A Kick Scooter? Do 8 Year Old Kids Need A Helmet For A Kick Scooter?

Do 8 Year Old Kids Need A Helmet For A Kick Scooter?

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As a child nears the age of ten they become less like the Tasmanian Devil but they are no less unpredictable. Sure, they can read and speak clearly, but every once in awhile the limits of their knowledge or abilities are laid bare as they dip their hands in an inkwell and stamp palm prints all over the walls of your house. Naturally, this is also the age at which most kids start to learn coordinated skills like running, skating, or using a kick scooter.

Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

This begs the question “How does one protect one’s children from their own behavior?” Since padded cells and straight jackets are out of the question, children are often swaddled in safety gear from knee pads to wrist braces to back braces and helmets. Some of these precautions are over the top, but some of them aren’t just smart, they are essential. “But,” you ask, “where do we draw the line?” To take one’s emotions out of the equation, look to another example in a different context.

Twenty years ago it was unlikely that adult snowboarders would wear helmets when going for a casual ride. Today, we all do, and those who do not often find themselves in the news, as their injuries are noteworthy. If you’ve not hopped on a snowboard since 1996, this may be news to you. In light of this fact, please consider that a child is less coordinated than an adult and more likely to take a spill when riding a kick scooter. Remember that kick scooters, unlike snowboards, ride on hard ground, not snow powder. See? Isn’t this a lot clearer?

The Answer is Yes to a Helmet

[caption id="attachment_16891" align="alignnone" width="1020"]kick scooter safety Wearing a helmet doesn't have to make your kid look nerdy. There are so many COOL helmet options out there today.[/caption]

Simply put, your child should wear a helmet when they ride a kick scooter. Take it from me— I was hit by a bus while riding a bicycle and my helmet saved my life. My helmet didn’t do much for getting hit by the bus, but it kept me from getting knocked out when I hit the ground. Had I been knocked out, I would not have gotten up and out of the way of the car behind the bus. Obviously your children should not ride their scooters in traffic but, even on the playground, it is possible for a fall to only be the prolog to an injury.

Helmets are required safety gear for children who are riding kick scooters and the like. Moreover, because of the materials from which they are made and how quickly those deteriorate with time, you should really replace them once every three years or so at the very least. Since children grow, it’s very likely that your child’s helmet will need to be replaced every two years or even every year. Don’t fret about it though! It’s an investment. You keep them alive, and they visit you when you are old and gray.

As long as you’re looking after the health of your children, consider getting them a safe kick scooter they’ll enjoy riding. The GOMO Kids Scooter is a great entry-level scooter for younger children. It has a soft nose. It’s made of reinforced materials. Rather than folding, it disassembles, so there’s no chance some hinge is going to give way accidentally. And get them a helmet. For Pete’s sake, get them a helmet.

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