How to Replace Pegs on Arcade Plus Pro Scooter How to Replace Pegs on Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

How to Replace Pegs on Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

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how to put pegs on your scooters tutorial Arcade PLUS Pro Scooter shown in Silver "Ultra Lava"[/caption]

Adding pegs to your pro scooter will open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to tricks. Pegs will allow you to do grinds and stalls that would have been impossible without them. Watch the following video on how to install pegs onto your new Arcade PLUS Pro Scooter. For those of you who prefer to read the instructions you can download the instructions below.

Watch 👀 - How to Put Pegs on a Scooter

Peg Installation Step by Step Instructions

Step #1.

Remove the rear wheel, place the Allen keys into the bolts and turn opposite to UN-tighten. Be careful not to strip the bolts turn them nice and easy. Watch for the rear spacers to fall out as you'll need them for the next step!

Step #2.

Once the rear wheel is removed, place the included longer axle back into deck and through the spacer

Step #3.

Set the wheel back into place and slide the axle through the bearing BUT not all the way through just enough to see it peaking through on the other side.

Step #4.

Once through laying the scooter on its side and insert the other spacer. Once aligned push the axle all the way through the deck hole.

Step #5.

Now you should have an excess amount of axle showing through the deck (see the images below)

Step #6.

Simply place the peg over the axle and install the other side of the bolt

Step #7.

Lastly, tighten the bolt with you Allen wrench keys and you're done. Happy riding!


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