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About Arcade Skateboards

Tami Tami

These are not your ordinary beginner complete skateboards! We designed the Arcade Skateboard to look and feel like a pro complete. With a 7 layer Maple Deck, precision trucks, crazy fast bearings, and super smooth wheels, this skateboard is perfect for any kid looking to level up at the skate park.

While everyone else bumbles around on their boring plain boards, you, or your kids will actually look like a real skater with your Arcade Pro. We work with pro riders and skate artists to bring the sickest colorways to life!

There are 5 to choose: Neon, Lava, Mushroom Dude, Ying Yang Cats or Ducky Tube. They’re right for kids, without being childish for adults. The deck features a smaller matching decal on the grip tape – no boring black grips here. So go ahead and take a look at all 5, and then choose your fave!

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